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10 Ways To Inspire Employees To Love Their Jobs


Finding the right employee is a tough task. But it’s tougher to retain them. Money is a great retaining tool, but not the only one and often, not the best or right one. An employer needs to understand the key factors in employee job satisfaction to be able to ensure that the people he needs stay with him. Here are 10 ways to inspire employees to love their jobs, which could make them more productive and an asset to the business:

Create values: A business must have values and ethical standards that the employees know, understand and can depend on. This will give them a sense of security and a framework within which they will be able to perform at their best. Knowing what can, should and must be done in all situations will ensure that the response of the company as a whole is uniform. Besides other benefits, this will work to increase employee unity as well.

Provide clear leadership: A good boss does not have to be a hard and unpopular one. A boss of that type fosters employee dissatisfaction and resentment. On the other hand, a leader who is sure of what s/he is doing is fair and known to be successful. This is a person whom the employees will be happy to follow and listen to. The expectation of success in their endeavors will increase their satisfaction levels, thus making them more productive at work.

Have clear corporate goals and objectives: Employees are never happy working in a vacuum. They need to know what they are working for, what is expected to be achieved and what constitutes success. This gives them parameters, against which they can work, and goals that they know will get them rewards when achieved.

Create career paths: Employees need to know what they can expect in the future. Where will they be in 5 or 10 years, if they stay with the company? Creating clear career paths for them, with key performance milestones against which they can evaluate their own performance, will motivate them to perform. The expectation of career growth will also keep them happy and not make them look elsewhere for another job.

Make decision-making fast: Whether it is a matter of company policy or granting a request for time off, employees hate to be left wondering what is in store for them. Management indecision creates a sense of insecurity and has a negative impact on satisfaction levels. So, decision making needs to be fast and on time.

Respect everyone: An employee treated with respect, irrespective of the job level, is one who feels proud of the work he or she is doing. With pride comes dignity and with dignity comes satisfaction.

Keep everyone in the loop: Even if not officially informed, employees know when times are bad. By keeping them in the loop during both good and bad times, they feel more secure about their futures.

Provide training: Give employees a chance to learn new skills. This will make them feel wanted and respected, knowing that the company is investing in their future.

Recognize excellence: There will always be some who perform better than the others. Find ways to acknowledge their work while making it clear to everyone that similar rewards are also available to them provided they can show the results.

Create an open work culture: An open organization where everyone knows where they stand is one where people feel the most secure and satisfied.
So, use these tips to inspire your employees and you will soon find how well they contribute to the business once they realize it’s a win-win situation.


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