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Do you need a new job?


Are you comfortable in your role? Perhaps, too comfortable? If you feel your current position has become more of a prison sentence than a career builder, it might be time to consider dipping your toe in the job market pool.


When was the last time you felt like you had accomplished something?

If you’re the kind of person that enjoys finding solutions to problems or combating a challenge, chances are you may begin to feel like your talents are being wasted if you aren’t being given the opportunity to do so. Is it because that isn’t part of your role, or because your company isn’t challenging you enough? Assess whether you think your current job is serving to advance your career, or just pay the bills.

Are you valued?

Employers know they must make their staff feel appreciated in order to expect good work, this is why they pay people to work in their human resources department. Feeling under-valued by your superiors can lead you to feel resentful and bitter, and eventually this trickles down to affect your performance. If you have solid concerns, bringing these up with a HR representative is a good idea, but if you still see no changes, it might be time for a new career path.

 Are you living outside of work?

A good work/life balance is important to everyone’s mental health and general wellbeing. If you feel that you spend most of the week in the office and very little time at home, it can begin to affect your family relationships. If you are in a role where you are bound to your desk no matter what, does your salary reflect that? If you’re a hard worker you expect that your efforts will be recognized and appreciated, but being successful is much more than just who can spend the most time at the office. If you need to rebalance the scale, try switching off your phone and resisting the urge to check your emails when you are home. If your employer doesn’t allow that, consider whether the job is right for you.

Have you considered freelancing or telecommuting?

If you feel that you work better alone, have you considered working remotely or freelancing on a project-by-project basis? Of course, this is not always suited for every job, but advances in technology have enabled us to work from the comfort of our own sofa. You can expect to be called in for meetings a few times a month, but depending on your position, the majority of your workload could be completed remotely, allowing you a flexible schedule. This kind of role isn’t encouraged to those who become easily distracted however, as working in your own home can leave you wandering over to the TV for too long. Setting up a distraction-free zone in a quiet room can combat this.

 Does the thought of spending another day at work make you miserable?

If you’ve gotten to the point where it’s difficult to drag yourself into the office every day, you might need a new job. No role is worth making yourself seriously unhappy, and you will perform better if you actually enjoy your role. If you have issues with the people you work with, speak to HR before making any decisions, but if you have begun to detest the industry or your employer, staying there will only do more damage.

Making the decision to hop back into the job seeking world isn’t easy, but from time to time it is necessary in order to keep on track with your career goals. If you feel that your talent is being wasted, that you are undervalued and have a poor work/life balance, it might be time to consider a new job.

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