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6 Proven Methods to Fill Your Hourly Positions Quickly


Are you an employer who hires hourly workers frequently? If so, you’re certainly aware of the fact that it’s quite difficult to fill hourly positions quickly. If you want to attract candidates to these positions, you should have some robust strategies in place.

It’s also important to embrace persistence and creativity when implementing these strategies to maximize the results. In this post, you’ll learn about six proven methods that’ll help you attract hourly workers who’ll add value to your business.

Ideally, you should consider all of these when chalking out every aspect of your recruiting plan.

1.     Create a Smooth Candidate Experience

In today’s fast-paced world, candidates want the hiring process to be easy and smooth and one that doesn’t waste their time. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is focus on building a smooth candidate experience. Even if they aren’t selected yet, help them stay up-to-date with the process by communicating with them during various stages of your recruitment funnel.

You should provide them with adequate information about the status of their applications even if they aren’t suitable for the position.

Whether a candidate is selected for the next stage or not, every communication they receive from your end should be a reflection of your brand. Your tone of voice should be aligned with the vision and mission of your brand and coupled with a high degree of courtesy.

Choosing a mobile-friendly platform is another effective method to create a smooth experience. Such a platform will not only help you perform your recruitment-related activities but also the candidates respond to them in a timely fashion.

2.     Apply Methods to Minimize Time-To-Hire

Do you know that with increased time-to-hire, the chances of having your recruitment process suffered also increase? For instance, you may lose some of the best candidates, which may reduce the team’s productivity, and in turn, your revenue. Your company’s reputation can also suffer.

There can be multiple reasons why time-to-hire gets increased. While it may be hard to spot the exact cause, it’s essential to address the common factors to reduce time-to-hire.

Fortunately, by selecting your recruiting tool very carefully, you should be able to achieve this. Your ATS (applicant tracking system) should help you gain valuable insights into the reasons increasing your time-to-hire. Try to find out things like interview attendance, applicant volume, cost-per-applicant, cost-per-hire, etc.

Once you’ve identified all the factors, see which of these can be improved to reduce your time-to-hire.

3.     Create Solid Job Descriptions

Your job descriptions are the first thing viewed by prospective candidates. So, they have to be concise yet compelling. It’ll be very difficult to attract the right candidates without having eye-catching job descriptions.

Here’re some tips to write attractive job descriptions.

  • Write clear and precise job titles without including any confusing elements in them. Ideally, your job titles should compel prospective candidates to read further.
  • Keep the job descriptions as short as you can. Only mention the fundamental duties of the position, such as daily responsibilities and the skills one needs to have to carry them out.
  • It’s extremely important to mention expectations and pay clearly. Candidates want to know what the company will expect from them and what they’ll get for that. Mentioning these pieces of information will help both you and the applicants avoid wasting time.
  • If there are opportunities for advancement, mention that clearly as well. This’ll help you attract candidates who want to learn and grow.
  • Write a clear summary of the job description in such a manner that it’ll encourage prospective candidates to apply for the job.

4.     Utilize Job Platforms

Job platforms such as Monster and Indeed are visited by thousands of job seekers each day. Therefore, by using these platforms, you may be able to expedite the hiring process.

However, if you’re trying to fill a position that requires specialized skills, you should use relevant job portals in addition to the general platforms. For instance, if you want to hire a data analyst, you should post the job on a job platform that focuses on the data science field.

5.     Be Active on Social Media Channels

By using social media channels strategically, you should be able to fill your hourly positions quickly. The best thing about social media is that you’ll be able to leverage the power of sharing to achieve results faster. Even if the individual who reads your job description on social media isn’t interested in it, they can share it with others who are interested in it.

You should use social media to promote your company culture as well. This’ll help you attract candidates quickly whenever you post a job. This is because interested applicants will already have an idea about your company culture. You can also search for prospective candidates and encourage them to apply for your vacant positions.

6.     Ask Your Present Employees for Recommendations

If your present employees are satisfied working for your company, they shouldn’t have any problem making recommendations. The presence of a referral program should encourage your current employees to refer their friends who may be the right fit for open positions. In addition to getting rewards, your employees will also feel proud to act as your brand ambassadors.

You may also try to re-engage your past employees who’ve left to fulfill personal commitments. They can either be interested in rejoining your company or can recommend others who may be interested in taking up the responsibilities.

Closing Thoughts

It’s important to understand that these six methods will only be fully effective when you have the right recruiting tools in place. Since today’s job seekers are well aware of various methods to search for good employment opportunities, attracting the right candidates will be very hard without implementing the right strategies. Additionally, if you want to speed up the hiring process and retain the recruited ones for a long time, try to provide them with some perks. These can include a collaborative and motivating office environment, flexible work hours, company-sponsored professional & social events, etc. These will help your employees get a good experience which may encourage them to work for your company as long as they can.

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