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Ways to create a positive work environment


Positivity is required wherever you are, be it your office or home or anywhere else. Today’s work culture is so stressful that people forget to even smile at their colleagues. A simple smile or a hello or thank you is all it takes to change the atmosphere. But, even that has disappeared in the busy world to maintain a positive work environment.

Having a positive working environment can influence the work you do positively and enhance productivity. This can be made possible by a change in the attitude of people working together. There are n numbers of ways to create a positive work environment and here are some of them.

How to create a positive work environment?

1.  Have meaningful dialogue

Having a meaningful dialogue with your colleagues both personally and as a group can have great influence on the work environment. You can send short messages or emails as a way of good communication and maintain a cordial relationship with everybody around you. You can make small conversations about their career goals and objectives. This shows that you care for them in a good way.

2. Appreciate others

Don’t be a miser in appreciating others. One of the reasons why productivity decreases are the employees not receiving any appreciation. Whenever someone tells us a “good job”, we feel a sense of purpose and hence work with a fresh mindset. If you find it difficult to speak it out, you can at least say a thank you. You can even give the reason why you gave the appreciation which will be even better.

3. Be a listener

The first step to being a good speaker is to be a good listener. Remember that every team member has his or her own view and these could add up to your project. Though most companies prefer following the protocol, there is no harm incorporating new ideas often. Give a chance for everybody to speak so that they feel their opinions are valued. If something strikes, give it a try without hesitation.

4. Trust your team members

It is common for most people to draw a line of separation from their colleagues and interact only when required. You can instead try to trust them and have open talks. When you delegate tasks, let them do it their way, they are not kids anyway. You can also ask the team members to take decisions regarding their part of the project. For example, you could ask them to schedule a meeting or brainstorm about a particular topic.

5. Add an element of fun

If you believe that office is not a place for fun, you are totally wrong. You can have fun at your workplace without forgetting your limits. The fun happens when people communicate openly and have respect for each other. You can organise a football match or even indoor games that are fun to play. This will only improve the work environment.

6. Practice positivity yourselves

You can be a positive person yourselves and set an example for others. Encourage positive thinking by posting a positive quote or picture near your working space or in places that are visible to others. Change the way you respond to others by always being in a good mood. If somebody disagrees with you, instead of getting irritated you can talk openly and find out why he or she thinks so.

These little things described above make a lot of difference in your workplace. Remember that change should start from you. When you start behaving cheerfully with others, they reciprocate the same. Another important thing is to love your job. When you do something passionately, you spread positivity automatically.

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