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Crack Interviews with right attitude


Are you nervous about your HR round? Then this space will guide you through the preparation for the interview round.

Interview is a situation where you are judged for your performance and communication skills both. It is a nerve-racking phase for everyone as it is the final step that eventually leads you to your dream Job. The interview is all about how you present yourself. These can be stressful if you are not prepared well. Before any interview, it is very important for any candidate to be well researched and well acquainted with the facts related to the employing Company. Your fear and lacking confidence can have a negative effect on both interviewer and your career. By following simple steps this fear of interview can be shoved off.

  • Overcome the phobia: Come off the shackles of your fear, and face the board confidently! The first and foremost step is to be confident no matter how much nervous you are from inside. Sleepless Nights, loss of Appetite, anxiety are some of the symptoms you might face before an interview and if you overcome these before your interview, you are sure to crack the first stage of your prospective dream job. Those who overcome this fear have high chances of cracking an interview, so be confident. Self-confidence will help you get your dream job. Losing hope before even trying to achieve, is what makes us lose our confidence have faith and appear with confidence and positive attitude for an interview.
  • Do your homework: Research well on what you need and what company needs. Make sure you have read basic facts about the company and job profile. You should apply for your job only if you fit in. It is important to check the company’s history, background, vision, details of its directors, past and current performance, financial status, growth chart, competitors etc. Doing well and planned research will help you in confidently answering the questions.
  • Practice to perform: Yes, it’s true practice makes a man perfect. Practice well to present yourself. Practice some sample questions in front of the mirror or with your partner. You can make notes of interview questions which are most likely to be asked. This will not only help you crack almost 80% of the question asked in an interview but also will help in boosting your communication skills and will build up your self-confidence.
  • Your Presentation speaks: The most important part of any interview is to present yourself with the right attitude, preparation for this step starts with dressing yourself well and maintaining hygiene. Dressing well and according to the event is very important. Wearing casual wear for an interview can leave the employer with the wrong impression. Everything should be perfect shoes, tie, belt, formal trouser, shirt, hair and face.  Do not wear loud colors and inappropriately matched clothes. After dressing another important step is to be punctual. Always arrive on time for an interview. Last but not the least, wear your smile with confidence. A smile shows how comfortable and confident you are.
  • Body language: The way you behave has a lot to do with your success parameter in an interview. Your body language is very important. After entering in interview room the first and the important thing HR head will notice is your body language. Your facial expressions, hand movements, posture, voice, and pace should be in sync and send a positive message. Don’t forget to make eye contact with the interviewers. Your voice should be confident and stutter-free. The way you pose to your interviewers can make a lot of difference on the aftermaths of any interview. You should always remember the way you behave, mirrors your inner-self, giving any idea of your fear can prove fatal for your career.
  • Communication skills: Before leaving for an interview always work on your communication skills. Be prepared and study about how to improve your communication skills and Interview manners. Bring all supporting materials and documents and organize them properly. Keep your mobile phone on silent or switched off during the interview so that your full attention is there and you can give an interview without any disturbance. Always be honest during interview if you don’t know the answer to any question, so answer smartly rather than trying to give wrong answers.
  • Conclude the interview on a positive note: Let’s accept that the person who is taking the interview has more experience, listen and don’t argue with the interviewer. At the end of the interview, thank the interviewer for the time they spent interviewing with you. Before the interview closes, ask for feedback from interviewer irrespective how your interview went.

An interview is not stress-giving procedure; it’s all a mind-game. Stay relaxed; go ahead for your interview with right attitude and confidence. Believe in yourself and give in your best. Keep in the backs of your mind that you are the maker of your destiny and no one in the world can snatch it from you. So be Positive and don’t let the fear in you gobble the opportunity of your dream job.

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