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The stigma of choosing life over career


Standing on the byroads of Career and Personal life, and do not know what to choose, then just rethink and reschedule things. You will not only find a way out but also will be able to think on various things differently.

Having a prolific career is important but enjoying a peaceful life is equally, perhaps more important. Managing professional responsibilities at the cost of personal commitments is not a sound way of handling things. Since there is no single technique that creates a balance between personal commitments and professional liabilities; every individual follows a different way of creating that balance.

Career is necessary for earning bread while a content life is necessary for a peaceful living, and while choosing between the two people generally opt for the former, reasons being obvious, which is not wholly wrong but in the long run, ends up being a faulted decision.

The tips below are designed to help those who are navigating between the dilemma of choosing personal happiness and boss’s happiness.

  1. Prioritize things: Life can sometimes get really difficult, and especially for those who have started playing Office-Office very recently. During your beginning days at Office, handling work and life becomes a burdensome task to do. This often results in depression or anxiety. The best way to fight the curb as a beginner is to PRIORITIZE. Once you chart out your priorities, taking decisions becomes easier. Do those things first, which need to be done first.
  2. Figure out what’s personally important: Your successful career should not be at the cost of personal peace. The success that costs your peace is not an achievement at all, rather it’s a compromise that you make with your life. Charting out things that foster personal peace may help you Make better decisions. In your tug of war between life and career, figuring out personal necessities can be a great help for a content life.
  3. Be change–friendly: Always Welcome Changes. Change is the first step to evolution. If you intend to evolve, accept changes wholeheartedly, which will leverage your chances of leading a peaceful and happy life. Being flexible with changes can add to your happiness hence helping you make better decisions.
  4. Accept your flaws: This certainly is the most challenging part. Accepting your flaws is a rare art. When you learn to accept your mistakes you are more prone to improve both personally and professionally. If you have made a wrong choice or taken a wrong decision, step back rethink and redesign your path.
  5. Follow your heart: The dilemma of making choice sprouts from your heart. The notion of making choices occurs when you are not happy with your job. In such a case just listen to your heart and chart out what needs to be done to keep both heart and mind happy.
  6. Manipulate technology: Its high-time that you understand that gadgets don’t run us, it is us who runs them. So when on a family outing keep all your gadgets at bay. From mobile phones to Tablets, every gadget today acquaints you with easy tasking. But one thing that goes unnoticed is that these eat our quality time. Learn to tackle widgets and manipulate their use according to your conveniences.
  7. Your work, your rules: Every individual works on different rules. For some morning hours are the glee hours to work while for some evening hours are the best to work on. Make your rules working. One of the many rules is leaving office on time, whatever is the situation. Remember office time should never eat up family time.
  8. Take it step by step: Depending upon your priorities it is very important that you take things up stepwise. Initially you might face problems in rebuilding but eventually, you will succeed. Taking up things in a planned way can enhance your working capacity and foster enjoyment in life.
  9. Learn to say a NO: A NO said on time can save you from all the anxiety you face both in work area and at home. It is very much essential that you mark a niche of your own without permitting happiness, relationships and health fall by the Way-side. And in doing so a NO is magical. Saying a peaceful NO saves you from all the hassles that might sprout up in the course of your professional responsibilities.
  10. Keep a track over your options: Last but certainly not the least! Keep a track over your options until you succeed. It is not necessary that success be only of career, but if your success brings contentment to you, then you are certainly on the right tracking system. By keeping a track of your options you leave no room for self-resentments.

Work-life balance is difficult to attain but certainly not impossible. The younger generation today, yearns to have the best of both worlds, and to an extent they are successful, but the guilt of choosing one over the other is always there. With these tips you can efficiently keep such guilt at bay and enjoy life to the fullest. Remember, there can be a second chance professionally, but a second chance on personal front is rare! So do what suits you best and keeps you happy.

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