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How Not To Ruin Your Career- 10 Mistakes To Avoid


In the grand game of life, there are bound to be some mistakes on your part. And from these mistakes you learn and grow, such is life. But sometimes, especially when it comes to mistakes in your career, the damage can be so devastating that you might end up trying to correct it all your life. This is precisely the reason why everyone needs an experienced professional, to guide them in what to do and what not to do in your professional career.

Here are some of the must avoid career mistakes according to experts-

  1. Choosing a Career

Never ever choose a career without doing your research first. Some career paths might seem exciting at first but in the long haul you might end up despising it later. Consider all the other career paths that might be better suited to you, with the help of a career guide choose the best and only the one best-suited career for you. Don’t simply go for a job because your parents, relatives or friends suggested it. Do your homework.

  1. False Qualifications

Lying about your qualifications to get employment is like a ticking bomb. You never know when it’s going to explode and it will most definitely explode eventually. Because sooner or later, your boss or employer will find out that you lied about your qualifications. Instead of continuously worrying about being found out by your employer, be honest about your qualifications. Remember once a liar, always a liar in the working world. In the event that you are found out, it will be hard to find another good job because you won’t be receiving a good reference from your company no matter how good you were, just because you lied.

  1. Achievements

One of the most common misconceptions when it comes to getting a job is that speaking highly about your self is bragging and therefore must not be done. Which is very, very wrong! Never downplay your achievements. When a prospective employer looks at you, let him see your true potential.

  1. Badmouthing Your Employer

Never badmouth your boss or your employer publicly. Talking behind your boss’s back at your workplace, no matter how rightly justified you are in doing so, will leave a bad impression of yourself in your company. Especially in the eyes of your boss when he hears about it. If you must have an outlet, do it in the confines of your homes or in the midst of trusty friends.

  1. Co-Workers Relationship

It is vital that you maintain a cordial relationship with all your co-workers. After all, friendly and happy co-workers are the key to a good work environment. Why make enemies in a place where you will be spending most of your time at? So, don’t be a snob at work throwing your weight around, talk quietly on your phone and remember to share credit for the work done.

  1. No Matchmaking

Don’t mistake your workplace for a pickup joint by hitting on your co-workers. It’s all matter of work dynamics. No matter how ‘right’ it might seem at the beginning when it turns sour the entire office is affected. You might be attracted to a fellow co-worker but restrain yourself, your attraction might rub off your other employees in the wrong directions. Keep in mind such attractions might lead to sexual harassment charges.

  1. Forcing yourself to stay at a Job

After some time, the job you chose or wanted might begin to become a burden for you. You might feel sick just thinking about work. In that case, the best thing to do is plan. Research about the job market, keep an ear out for interviews or job openings, get your resume in order, brush up on your email writing/resume writing skills and above all be prepared.

  1. Parting On Good Terms

When leaving a company it is advisable to do so on good terms. Even though the need to tell off your horrible boss or that particular pain in your back co-worker, is quite strong. You never know when they might turn up in your life again, so why take the risk and destroy your reputation? Just smile and wave as you walk out that door.

  1. Resisting Career Changes

Sometimes changing a career might be hard. But why should you stay at a job that makes you miserable? Transitions and changes are never easy. Sometimes, change is good even if they seem scary at first.  Forcing yourself to stay at a job you hate is the absolute worst.

  1. Constant Working

Don’t constantly keep yourself working, too much of anything is bad. Take some days off every now and then. Refresh and rejuvenate yourself. Occasional breaks will help you become better at what you do.

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