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How to improve your Work Life Balance


How to improve your Work Life Balance

Professional Engagements Vs. Personal Commitments

The fast paced lifestyles of today’s put a lot of stress on each individual. The cut-throat competition, the race of being number one, excels in every sphere, and keeping yourself updated with the changing ecosystems is highly demanding. Equal participation in all is compulsory and at the same time taking care of your own health and family are essential. That is where you struggle when you take a toll on any one of them i.e. either job or home. Most of the time, it is the family which are affected.

Equilibrium between the two

Though each individual has a different set of environment and background, you can apply below-mentioned methods to keep a balance between your job and family.

1. Plan your day and work your plan-
Before you leave your house and enter your work station plan your day in terms of activities, meetings, discussions, visits and paper work (presentations). You cannot remember everything all the time, therefore jot them down on a dairy and preferably list them as per priority. If at all you have something carried forward from the day before add that in your current list. This way you can plan your day and work your plan efficiently without missing anything, on time

2. Define your goal and divide them into small targets or objective-
When assigned a task at your work place, the first step is to understand it thoroughly, get clarity on your doubts and queries. Then divide the bigger goal into smaller targets with deadlines and work on them accordingly. This will not only save a lot of time but will keep you motivated every time you achieve your goal. Your supervisor will definitely praise your systematic approach. It will create a healthy atmosphere and you will be tension free.

3. Free yourself from work early-
When you follow step number two you automatically utilize or manage time effectively and hence can leave your work place early. Your early movement from office will not only give you to relax but also quality time to be spent with family and friends.


4. No extracurricular activity at work-
Avoid unnecessary discussions, gossips, chit-chats at work place. They are non-productive and kill a lot of quality time. Keep your focus on the job. Practicing this may leave you little alone but soon people will appreciate you for that.

5. Take calculated small breaks at work-
It is a fact that you must mingle with your colleagues at work place, therefore, you cannot ignore them always. Take calculated small breaks and mingle with them during that duration. You may ask your colleague also to participate in deciding the breaks accordingly so that he you should not disturb him during his valuable time.


6. Proper documentation of tasks-
You should keep a record of the tasks or achievements and felicitations. These must be kept even for small tasks so that you may, when required, retrieve and present them during appraisals. You must get the respect for the job you did and must yourself feel motivated on the accomplishments. A sense of achievement and its realization is a must to keep yourself activated.

7. If required discuss with your supervisor-
There is no harm in discussing your professional issues with your supervisor. It is rather other way round; they are there to help you only. Whenever you are stuck or not able to deliver, discuss it openly with your boss and ask him/her to help you out. At times, depends on your chemistry, you may even discuss personal things with your boss. Sorting things with your supervisor’s assistance will give confidence to your boss as well, thus development of a healthy, stress-free, and cohesive work place.

8. Don’t carry work at home-
Do not carry, document or means of communication-related to official work, to your home. If you carry such things, invariably you will keep doing work at home, eating the quality time meant only for your family. Do not hesitate to politely deny any work related phone calls from your office. If at all it is unavoidable inform them of a suitable when you may contact later. Your family time usually will be less and you must plan the same as well, with no deviations.

9. Rejuvenate- Take vacations-
You must plan vacations with family and friends, from time to time, so that you can refresh yourself. Vacations can mean spending leisure time alone also. During your vacations, you interact with people and share happiness and joy. The basic idea should be to unwind and regenerate the enthusiasm and restart once you come back.


10. Socialize-

When you think of this point, remember you should be approachable and at the same time, you should approach people around you, even your just neighbours so that you share the excitement, happy moments and also receive great innovative ideas from others.

11. Take complete uninterrupted sleep-
Though mentioned as the last point but this crucial, you should take complete and full night sleep as your body also needs rest need to restore the systems so that you start your next day with equal power and thrust.



Implementation is most difficult, especially when it comes to implementing the simplest things. All the above points are simple and execution is even effortless. All you have to do is determine the day and time to start.

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