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How to leave your current job on good terms?


Good wishes for your new job! If this is what you want to hear while quitting a job, then leave it gracefully. Quitting a job sourly may not only damage relations with colleagues but also leaves a dark patch on your senses. A new job definitely is an opportunity to craft your skills to a higher level and you are leaving it to progress in life, not to diminish your relations.

The corporate world is getting smaller, and you never know when you would catch-up with your old colleagues. Besides, leaving a job on a positive note is always an advantage as it enhances your chances of any future help from both colleagues and your boss (ex-boss).

Following are the key points that might help you leave with cherishing memories of a lifetime:

Point 1-Give abundant notice of resignation:

A professional and positive attitude while quitting signifies your work ethics. Fleeing away from the drop-out situation sounds easy but it leaves the other person in trouble. A two-week notice is generally a pre-requisite for resigning from a job. You might fear of being left out or ignored after filing for a resignation but this is where you have to come over all the fears. Giving a notice gives the management enough time to fill in a replacement. It is not only professional but also a sound way of quitting.

Point 2- Be Affable to your colleagues:

Be modest, be humble and be courteous. You are quitting does not mean that you turn your backs from your colleagues. This is not an end of the world for you, it’s just an end of a job. Turning your backs to your colleagues rudely will surely turn off all your future prospects with those colleagues. And this is a no-no for lucrative corporate opportunities. Be pleasant and amicable as if switching jobs will not make a difference on your personal relations. Don’t prate about your new job. A pleasant farewell will make them cherish your presence for life hence leaving a room for future prospects.

Point 3-Accomplish all your prior projects:

Try your best not to leave your projects incomplete. Even if you have to work an extra mile for accomplishing your present projects or assignments, then do it. It is better to wrap up things as you are the one accountable for your responsibilities.  Walking out of the door smiling on the last day has to be your goal, which is possible only if your supervisors and bosses are happy with your efforts. Moreover, the hard work and exuberance you show up here, you’re soon to be ex-office, will extend to your new gig as well.

Point 4-Follow office protocol

Leave an everlasting impression on your supervisors and colleagues. Since the professional rapport you built is an outcome of your hard work, don’t demolish it in your last days at the office. Whatever be the reasons for quitting, the last responsibility of you at the soon to be ex-office is to instigate a positive evolution. It’s the notice period and your only intention now is to keep your colleagues and bosses happy, hook –up with them appropriately and mend past fences positively.

Point 5-Attempt training a Replacement

If possible offer your superiors to train a replacement. This will not only help you engender confidence as a leader but will also showcase your work inclination. After posting resignation, leave no stones unturned to be generous to your office work. For that even if you have to train a person, do it.

Your last day at the office is soon to arrive, and surely you want to depart with a smiling face and an elated heart. This is possible only if you are courteous to your ex-colleagues and bosses. There may be millions of opportunities coming up on your way, but whatever you learn from your past experiences always adds an edge to those opportunities hence leaving your past work area with a smile will surely spark your expertise too.

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